Tree Farming Job

By George Dodson

People who love to work outdoors must choose a tree farm as their new business venture. Trees are a profitable natural and renewable resource. Trees can be grown for the holidays, for landscaping and for lumber. It depends on the area of land you have, focusing on one kind of tree is ideal for small ones. Patience is a virtue when it comes to tree farming jobs; it will surely take many years for a tree to mature.

Guide Required Things Land Tree seedlings Shovel Mulch Computer Internet access (recommended)

Reserve or buy a piece of land to plant your trees. If you own a farm with a large plot of land on which to plant your trees, this will not be a problem. Leasing a piece of land from local farmers can help you in saving some bucks.

You can look for the marketable type of trees to plant. You must study the growth mechanism of the trees; that includes the distance between two trees and time of harvest. Trees grown for cutting down (such as holiday or lumber trees) will be easier to place than trees you will eventually dig up. Ideally you need to put some space for the trees in case it needs digging.

Getting in touch with your local forestry office will be for your advantage; they will help you in determining the kind of trees to plant. Tree farms need some strategic plans and the forestry office will usually give some opinions to you. The plan will serve as your guideline in maintaining your tree farm. Drainage system and conservation efforts are included in this plan.

You can the now plant your trees. Once you've decided what type of trees to grow, you will need to plant them. Plant them and purposely leave enough space for them to grow properly and can be harvested without harming the neighboring trees.

Control weed growth around new trees. The weeds will rival the young tree in sucking the nutrients. Putting some straws around the trees will protect them from unwanted weeds.

Brace yourself and join the market of trees. Form a strategy on how to sell your trees; websites or contacting contractors are good ideas. Showcasing your trees in line with the season will give you more of an advantage; make some sleighs for Christmas is a good one.

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