Understanding Sandblasting And Painting Processes

By Grace Rivas

Sandblasting and painting are two activities that go jointly in decorating surfaces. Sandblasting refers to the propulsion of fine specks of material at high velocities towards surfaces for purposes of etching or cleaning whereas painting is the application of coats on an area. From the definitions, it clear that sandblasting is carried out before painting. Blasting prepares the surface for paint to bond perfectly with it after application.

Blasting is used for cleaning surfaces of various forms of dirt such as dust, mud, mold, and old paint among others. It can be used to clean both big and small objects and surfaces. Examples of things it can be used on include cars, floors, walls, ceiling boards, roofs, windows, animals, trees, and household equipment. It requires some experience and skills to be able to save on abrasive, water, and time.

The process of abrasive blasting is done using equipment referred to as a blaster. This equipment is made up of different elements that function together to achieve a common goal. The various components are power units, air compressors, abrasive nozzles, and hoses. The hoses have small openings to help in increasing and maintaining the pressure with which the abrasive emerges from the equipment.

The blaster equipment can be fueled by different sources of fuel such as electrical power, gasoline, diesel, and petrol. The power unit consumes the fuel to provide the required power to run other components of the machine. The air compressor sucks atmospheric air and pressurizes it to a high level. Pressurization is meant to give the air the energy to propel the abrasive for cleaning the object being sandblasted.

The nozzle is normally handled by the person operating the equipment. The operator directs the nozzle to the place that needs to be cleaned or etched. This means that how much abrasive, water, or time is spent on the job depends on the efficiency of the operator. Experienced people tend to produce a better job within a shorter time. That is why it is better to hire a firm with experience in the job.

After the surface is prepared, the actual painting work can begin. Powder coating is a modern method of applying coat on an object and if applied well, it produces elegant results. It has several advantages over the traditional paint. First, there is no need for a solvent medium for the paint to remain in a solution form. The powder stays as a dry powder and can be applied in thick layers without running or sagging.

As part of preparation, every item that does not need to be coated must be taken away from the spot. After the paint is applied to the necessary level, the article must be undertaken through curing process which is similar to drying in traditional painting. Curing can take around 15 minutes under oven temperatures. Flameless sources of heat perform the curing perfectly.

Sandblasting and painting are services provided by several companies. Most service companies in this field have most recent equipment necessary for the job. For people who do not have the equipment or the expertise to do the job, service firms are a good option.

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