Why A Messy Desk Isn't So Bad

By Franklin Skribbit

Nathan was a great student. But most people that peeked into his bedroom would have guessed otherwise. His desk was a mess. It looked like a hurricane had blown through. I say a hurricane (not your traditional tornado) because his swim goggles and an empty fish bowl (recently vacated since the passing of Nathan's trusty beta fish Maxamillian) were mixed in the mess. There were papers and pencils scattered about. He had about four books open with multiple makeshift bookmarks inserted here and there. But without fail, at the end of each semester - straight A's. How was this possible? Let's find out.

There are many qualities and value that could make up a great nurse, but some of those values have been studied and actually remain pretty constant, even on a global scale.There have been many great nurses in the history of the world, what made them great? How did they accomplish their dreams? Who did they look up to? Here is a list of a few of those great nurses and little bit about each of them:

Apparently, messes have their uses. The same experiment mentioned above showed that students asked to work at messy desks were more creative.

Florence Nightingale Nightingale has been called many things including: The Queen of Nurses and The Soldier's Friend. She was born into a wealthy British family and trained at the institute of Protestant Deaconesses at kaiserwerth. Nightingale tended patients during the Crimean War and improved the hospital hygiene in order to reduce the number of infections.

Not proven in controlled experiments, but experienced by many, is the principle of organized chaos. Have you ever cleaned out your desk, your room, your closet, or even your computer files and suddenly found yourself unable to find anything at all? Sure! This happens to almost everyone! What, to one looks like chaos, is complete order to another.

After his further studies, the Bangladesh Liberation War in 1971 prompted him to found a citizen's committee to raise support for liberation. He later returned to Bangladesh were he observed that the famine of 1974 played a huge part in the poverty and terrible living conditions of a large majority of people. He worked hard to enact governmental projects to help stimulate the economy and reduce poverty.

Of course, this is not to knock order. Order is great too. It has its advantages. Focus, order, and control are good for many lines of work. Some personalities require order Justas others prefer a unique type of chaos. A study suggested that a combination of both could prove very helpful for many people.

* Going through the training and gaining the education are only two steps to becoming a nurse. It takes so much more to be a truly great nurse. It takes stamina, love, strength, courage, hope, dreams, wit, confidence, generosity, a kind heart, and so much more.

Moral of the story: If you are getting an online education and your messy desk works for you, that's just fine. You have creativity on your side!

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