Why TIPS Alcohol Awareness Certification Is Important

By Eliza Mendoza

If you have been working in a bar or a restaurant in the United States, you must have heard about TIPS alcohol awareness certification. It may not be compulsory yet in Florida but it has already become a requirement in a number of states. With the nature of Florida as a tourist destination of choice attracting visitors from all corners of the globe, it is essential that all workers in bars, restaurants and all other businesses of such nature are specially trained to deal with intoxication, security and related laws.

This is a skilled-based training that is 100% online. It takes the shortest time possible and you learn at your own pace in your area of comfort. It is a course proven by third-party studies with the overall aim of enforcing responsible drinking. The focus is in prevention of intoxication, drunk driving and underage drinking by focusing on the skills of servers, sellers and consumers. The target is to give you the tips and confidence you need to identify and prevent alcohol and related tragedies.

After the session which is entirely online, you will complete and exam (normally multiple choice) and receive certification on passing. This certificate is valid for up three years. The targeted people to be certified include bar managers, servers, bar backs and bartenders.

If you are going to buy insurance for your bar, expect to be asked about TIPS alcohol awareness certification both for you and for your employees. In fact, with this certificate, you have a bargaining power from better premiums. Workers also benefit from a number of litigation services provided by the state if they are certified. With wide recognition, it is a sure way of getting job in several prestigious bars and restaurants both within and out of state.

The course also trains you on how to deal with drunken customers, how to recognize and identify fake IDs and improve your service provision skills. You will also get trained on how best to maintain your own safety and how to recognize potential security threat and help prevent it.

The training, awareness and certification can either be on premise, off premise and casino and gaming all which can be accessed online. The on premise is customized to suit bars and restaurants. The off premise course on the other hand focuses on liquor stores while casinos and gaming have their own course. These online courses are approved and accepted in over 30 states giving you a large number of bars and restaurants to work in.

When you go online to register, you have to choose the one suitable for your area of work. This can either be on premise which focuses on those working in bars and restaurants, off premise course for workers in liquor stores and lasting for casinos and gaming.

Enrolling for TIPS alcohol awareness certification comes with several benefits for both the bar owners and the attendants like the server and the bartenders. It makes it easy for bars and restaurants to purchase insurances and the bar may also benefit from discounts. The workers on the other hand benefit for litigation and wider job markets among others. The course is very affordable and can be done at your convenience.

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