About Becoming A Journalist

By George McKee

Like any other professional, you really have to start from scratch if you want to become a great journalist. There is no shortcut for it. You should ask yourself if you really want to become one because to be good on whatever you want to be you really need to have the passion to do it and determination to pursue it. If you hate writing then you better choose another career because the most part of a journalist's job involves writing. It is essential that you are objective in the way you communicate your thought to others. You should be easily affected when someone criticize your works. You should accept them all no matter how bad it is.

You should be aware of the different career paths of a journalist. There are a lot different types of work that a journalist does. They not only write reports and conduct interviews; they also do a lot of research. Keep in mind that you should have the capability to weigh accurately the significance of facts and information. You should be able to handle the different that will be given to you such as to report during breaking news. You will be asks also to provide a thorough analysis of politics and current events. There is also a chance that you will handle the entertainment, sports, and weather reports. You can also work on the print media such magazines and newspapers.

It is important that you choose the best university in which you take your degree. You should choose the one that is known to offer a good and quality education. It is advisable that you take up an English degree along with Mass Communication. Internship is important because it is the best way for to experience what it is to be a journalist while you are still studying. It is considered as your first experience of this type of work. You can choose where you want to have internship either in newspaper, radio station or television.

When you graduate, you can send your resume and portfolio to recruitment agencies. You also send directly to TV networks or radio stations. Recommendations from your professors are also helpful because some of them have friends or they themselves are working on media companies. You may not land on the job immediately but never lose hope because there is one for out there. You just have to keep on trying.

Even if you have already a job and practicing journalism it is important that you still continue to learn and improve your skills. There are journalism seminars and training available that you can take. Keep in mind to always be responsible on your reports.

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