Advantages Of An Above Ground Storage Tank

By Krystal Branch

An above ground storage tank are one of the two types of storage tanks. These tanks are situated either on the ground or on a slightly raised ground. Their capacity is regulated to 10,000 litres for those whose contents are any other liquids other than water. One thing to note is that they both have advantages and disadvantages over the other designs.

The reasons for the choice of these designs are numerous. One of these is that they are relatively cheap when it comes to installation costs because it involves fewer activities. One needs to find a space where to construct their tanks of which the only costs involved include construction of a foundation of which it is not a must for those placing their tanks above their houses. This mostly applies to water tanks. For those that require raising the grounds, less cost is involved because there is no excavation cost.

Minimal excavation is required when establishing these designs thus making it relatively cheaper. The only excavation required is for foundation only for the support. They are mostly raised slightly above while there are some which are raised high above the ground. In both situations the excavation required is very minimal slightly less expensive installation. In case where excavation is mandatory for underground tanks is in case of problems calling for repairs.

The third advantage is that they can be easily monitored. They are visible and thus the owner can easily monitor any changes which may either call for repairs. This makes this type of tanks easy to maintain and also easy to use. This also ensures there is continuous maintenance process which increases the economic life of the tanks.

Another advantage worth mentioning is the fact that these tanks do not require energy to pump the stored content. The material can be easily extracted without energy because the tanks are set up the ground and thus can flow downwards naturally. All that one needs to do is set the extraction pipes bellow the tank. This is also an advantage as it contributes to the low costs required to establish and use such tanks.

They are also prone to accidents due to their location in the open space. They are often damaged by individuals either intentionally or accidentally. Sometimes they are also exposed to animals, wild and domestic, who when not observed can completely destroy this tanks resulting into loss of property.

It is also disadvantageous to use these designs because one will have to incur an extra cost to acquire additional space to establish them. The tanks are built above grounds and that means one is expected to use an extra space. If there are many tanks especially for companies dealing with liquid products, it will be way too much. One can save space by constructing underground tanks.

In conclusion above ground storage tanks have various pros and cons and needs critical analysis when deciding on their use. One will have to analyze both the advantages and the disadvantages and weigh the two so as to come up with a conclusive decision on whether to adopt it or not.

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