All About North Carolina Electrical License Renewal

By Krystal Branch

When it comes to electrical services provision by contractors, North Carolina electrical license renewal is a necessity. This is because it is illegal for anyone who does not hold the appropriate permit to offer services anywhere in the state. Licenses should be renewed just before they expire. Those who fail to achieve this must not undertake any project before their permits are renewed.

The North Carolina State Board (NCBEEC) of Examiners of Electrical Contractors is mandated with issuing licenses. The board vets applicants, issues licenses and keeps up to date records on all the contractors in the state. Licenses must be renewed annually. Contractors who got their permits in June will be required to renew them before the end of May the following year. Contractors are advised to always renew their permits promptly to ensure that their projects are not stopped because of lack of appropriate licenses.

There are ten different types of licenses that are issued to electrical contractors. These classifications dictate the type of works that a contractor may undertake. For instance, SP-SFD permits allow contractors to handle works involving detached residential dwellings for single families. Holders of this permit cannot undertake projects involving fire alarms, air conditioning or low voltage elevators among other types of projects that have not been specified in the permit.

In addition to having the right training and education, applicants for any type of permit must also do an exam to prove that they are indeed qualified. Applicants must pay the prescribed fee and submit a duly filled application form. They must also provide the board with details of at least one individual who is qualified to have that permit.

Renewing the license is a very simple process that takes a short period of time. This is because the holder of the permit is already a licensed contractor. Applicants just need to pay the $25 fee for renewing their license. Contractors who have several permits will be required to pay this fee for each permit they wish to renew.

Failure to renew permits cannot be blamed on forgetfulness. This is because the board usually sends out timely reminders to contractors. In fact, it sends out three reminders when there is 60, 30 and 10 days remaining until the permit expires. Those who provided their email addresses will get these reminders in their email accounts while those who did not will get them in their mailboxes at home or at work.

It is important for contractors as well as residents of North Carolina to visit the website of the board on a regular basis. This is because the site usually has important information that will affect their lives. Contractors can download forms, codes and international standards from the site. They can also get information about the latest happenings in the industry. This will go a long way in ensuring that consumers get the best services possible.

Contractors should be careful not to miss the deadlines when applying for North Carolina electrical license renewal. There are penalties for late applications. Forms can be sent via mail or electronically. In such a case the date on the postage stamp will be taken as the date of submission. Contractors should always ensure that the board has up to date information about their firms as this will make communication much easier.

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