All Florida License Plates Are Revealing

By Eliza Mendoza

Florida license plates can be used by people to make a statement that is unique. The designs on the car tag are restricted to seven digits and a graphic image, or six digits if the person is driving a motor cycle. The wording that is placed on the tag is a personal choice and the metal emblem can be personalized in other ways to make driving fun and interesting.

Many people that enroll in colleges and universities throughout Florida will place personalize plates that bear the school logo on it. Some college sports team are offered, and the annual fees charged will help fund educational programs on campus. The State will charge residents a small fee for these licenses, and drivers will have fun while driving around campus.

Many wildlife programs will benefit from the tags offered for environmental interest groups. The car plate will identify certain species that are on the endangered list. Other images will support a drivers passion, such as sports fishing. All of the funds that are earned through the sale of these plates will go. Directly to wildlife groups or groups that are supportive of issues pertaining to the environment.

Some causes that are supported by the funds raised through the sale of the specialty licenses will support health care issues. Some residents will choose to rally for support of life giving organizations such as the American Red Cross, or the American Cancer Society and many others, by creating designs that focus on the organizations mission.

Civilians can show support for people that have served in any branch of the armed forces by selecting any emblem of a service organization and placing that emblem on a automobile tag. The branches offered represent the United States Navy, United States Coast Guard, United States Army, United States Air Force and lastly, the United States Marine Corps.

The options for standard tags allow citizens to personalize the plate so that it displays the county where the individual lives, or it can bear the State slogan, which is the Sunshine State. The tags can also. Make a personal statement, and Floridians can strengthen faith by choosing a tag that bears the logo In God We Trust.

There are numerous images available for licensed car tags and many residents like to use color to blend the tag in with the colors painted on the vehicle. Any specialty tag or personalized plate can be purchased at the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles office, or users can select tag designs online or review the personalization options that are offered.

The revenues that are earned through the sale of Florida license plates can be applied to many worthwhile projects. Residents can be supporters of many causes that are near to their heart based on the type of tag that is purchased for each vehicle owned. Tag sales throughout the State can help fund research for all types of health care issues, or for organizations that protect life.

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