Ever Heard Of A Memory Bear?

By Serena Price

Losing a loved one is a very difficult thing for anyone to come to terms with and it is true what they say; it never stops hurting but you do learn to cope with the pain. A new way to deal with this pain and to honor the loss of someone special is with a memory bear. These bears can be kept for a lifetime and cuddled every single time you miss that special someone.

It is a teddy that we place a great deal of meaning onto. It is often made out of an item of clothing from the individual who passed away. This means that every time the person touches or looks at the teddy they are instantly transported in their minds back to a time when they were with their loved one. It is an enormously emotional item.

By focusing our attention and emotion onto this object, somehow it makes the experience a little easier. It almost feels as if that person hasn't completely left us because we have invested in the bear so heavily. Every time it is touched, looked at or hugged all those emotions come out and we are transported back to that person.

Memories are a peculiar thing and we are all familiar with the importance that certain objects can have in relation to memories. Things become lucky, unlucky and even begin to represent the idea of a person. Turning these memories attached to an item of clothing into another object is a wonderful method of honoring someone's death and, more importantly, life.

Turning an item of clothing into a teddy is no easy task and only people with experience should attempt this. It will take a lot of practice to ensure that it is finished to the standard expected, so anyone who wants to try this for a loved one should practice on an item of clothing that does not have so much meaning attached to it.Practice makes perfect.

These bears make a truly wonderful gift and are always appreciated, even by those who don't particularly like bears. Choosing a gift for someone who has lost someone close to them is an especially difficult task. These gifts are completely out of the ordinary and contain so much meaning that the recipient will be truly touched by the thought that has gone into them.

This should be something that lasts at least one lifetime and ideally several. This means that the teddy needs to be taken great care of. Put it somewhere safe, away from pets and children who might play with it. Be gentle when it is cleaned and try to keep it away from any liquids or foods that might spill and make a stain. Because of the importance of the material it is an especially delicate object.

This gift offers sentimentality, emotion, memories and a whole lot more that can't be put into words. It helps people deal with a loss and pain that is heart-wrenching and yet something that we all have to go through at some point in our lives. This memory bear somehow makes all that pain easier and is a truly wonderful gift to help someone who has suffered loss.

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