Excellent Domain Services With Vac-Boss

By Krystal Branch

Vac-boss uses a range of domain related services to protect, inform and put you into action 24/7. It saves you the hustle of picking information from different sources and trying to work with it or make sense of it. The site will monitor details about the domains you have registered and those that are of interest to you. There are different packages depending on the kind of services you require.

Domain name related services range from monitoring of changes on the status of names that you are interested in. Communication will be made when the status changes to prompt you into action. You are informed of expiry dates and a request made for back-ordering. This makes it possible to secure it the next time it is free. A perfect name is an incredible tool for enhancing your web presence.

The domain service options vary including back-ordering that secures the name immediately it is available. You also enjoy monitoring membership and an entire year of domain name registration. It is not a guarantee that by back ordering you will get the name. The current user might opt to still retain it. It, however, increases your chances of capturing it when the availability window opens.

A simplified back ordering process is completed online. A name can only have one back-order at a time. The back-order can be bought and transfer facilitated. All these processes are completed online. The portal is user friendly and self prompting. Monitoring membership means that you will get alerts on changed or maintained status as regular as possible. The email contains an expiry date, name servers, status and the register.

When availability window opens, a team of experts gets to work trying to capture it for you. This is a professional undertaking to ensure that it is secured at the earliest opportunity. Legal documents will be processed and a transfer made if they succeed to capture it. The transfer process is completed in 45 days. This will deliver the name to your account and remain active for a year.

Where the capture is unsuccessful, communication will be made on the status of your order. You are allowed to request a refund or transfer the funds to another name. Time is limitless for you to reassign the money to another name and neither does your order expire. Your funds remain active until refund or when you have transferred to a different name. The process of change to a different name is also simplified and completed online.

Other services offered include web building which gives you an incredible online presence. The process is fast and uses intuitive navigation, drag-and-drop functionality and ready made templates. You are allowed to customize the templates to fit your desired organization structure. You will not be required to do any coding or possess advanced technical skills to complete the exercise.

Simple steps will give you a professional and high quality website that will sell your goods and services and impress your clients. The site is made mobile-friendly using a special conversion application. The content and graphics are clear on any internet enabled mobile device. The site provides email options with the service providers offering professional technical support day and night, throughout the year.

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