Learn About Technology Integration In The Classroom

By Krystal Branch

Given the technological advancement in all corners of the globe, there is a constant increase in people who are giving in to this new era that is of a computerized culture. In other words, there is an upgrade of systems whereby appliances that were manually operated are now automated giving user an easier time in performing their tasks. For this, schools have seen the need for technology integration in the classroom.

Over the past decades, the invention of the internet is probably one of the biggest inventions made as it has brought more efficiency and ease of performing different tasks. Through this, communication between people from across the globe is ease whereby information sharing is done within microseconds which was literally seen impossible a few years ago. This has resulted to more empowerment for people of all walks of life from all corners of the globe.

However, there is a price to pay for the newly found efficiency especially to older people who have a harder time learning how to operate these appliances. As much as they are meant to ease their lives, some have a hard time blending in to the new culture but not the younger generation as they have been brought up operating these gadgets.

Currently, most people have electronic gadgets such as iPhones, laptops and tablets that they use in the day-to-day routine activities. This computer era as it has been termed has made information more accessible due to the invention of the internet that connects people from diverse locations. Information sharing has been eased making it possible for students to study on the own without consulting their tutors.

Nowadays, students can study with eBooks and other online journals; in addition, the use of videos and other online educative material has proven to be effective in boosting grades for these students ass it make learning a little bit enjoyable. Moreover, teacher also get to have an easier time teaching them as they have every material they need only that they need to be redirected on the syllabus.

In addition, online library contain more information compared to a physical library that may be set up in schools and even other bigger public libraries. Moreover, seeking information regarding a certain subject is easier as all one has to do is type the title of the subject as opposed to the books in libraries whereby one has to peruse through books before locating the information they need.

With the aid of the internet, collaboration between students from different schools is now possible whereby they can virtually hold group sessions and help each other out in working out their assignments. This form of studying has been found to be more effective than personal studying as the engagement with other students make studying enjoyable and more informative.

What is more, there are schools that are advanced to the extent that teacher hold class session from a computer whereby student video conference with the teacher. With these advancements, it is evident that technology integration in the classroom has been effective in facilitating infrastructural growth, and standards of life and more so improvement of student performances.

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