Pro Knife Makers: The Best Way To Be One

By George Dodson

Man was able to invent the knife the moment they thought of separating or cutting something. You will find that the design, material and features of a knife has evolved since its discovery and are still evolving presently.

There are those who love to keep a set or specific selection of knives at home. Of course, who would not recognize the infamous kitchen knife which every household has. Those who engage in outdoor activities make it a point to carry with them an outdoor knife for survival. It is for this fact that there are a lot of companies manufacturing knives. Some cheap knives are also designed in great numbers since companies know that these specific type of knives will be easy to sell out. Anyone who knows how to handle knives can tell which one is good and durable. Having said that, is there a way on how anyone can become good in creating knives?

If you're looking to become a good knife maker you will need to know all there is to know with regards to knives. There are dozens to hundreds of knife classifications out there and you have to be familiar with each one of them in order to be an effective knife maker. This is for the reason that you will need to know the classification of knives in order for you to suggest the right knife for your client depending on his or her needs. The shape and design of the knife used in combat is entirely different than the one that the surgeon uses. We are designed differently, and constructed differently.

With all the knives in the world, each of these knives are designed for one special purpose. Being able to have an in-depth knowledge with regard to metalwork and creativity in designing a functional knife should be some of the few traits a master knife maker should possess. It is a must that a master knife maker should possess all these.

"Form meets function" is something that you usually hear from master knife makers whenever you ask a specific knife from them. To explain this adage further, say if you are looking to purchase a knife that you can throw then a knife maker would design one that is easy to throw - one that is light and balanced. Another example is when a person is looking to have a knife that is going to be used for hunting wherein the knife design should be durable, rugged, sharp with a bit of length and must be functional.

There are a lot of materials that a knife maker can use for his or her knives. The type of material that the knife maker uses depends on the function. Some materials work better for durability. There are also those knives that require thinner materials for thin slicing and there are also those that should be thick for hard cutting.

Being a knife maker also makes you an artist. Knife makers are able to create a knife that is sleek, short, large, with exotic handles, functional, foldable and others.

Therefore, being a master knife maker will require you to have that special skills and a good understanding about knives as well as the design and function that your knife should possess.

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