Some Things To Know About Pipeline Right Of Way

By Jerri Perry

You are about to install some pipelines. Although it is true that you have a specific piece of land where all your facilities are going to be located, the pipes that will then be used to course your services to different locations need to pass through several properties. For this, you are going to need pipeline right of way. Here are some of the things that you need to know first.

There needs to an an agreement between companies like you and those owners of the properties concerned before these pipes can be installed. There needs to be an easement between you that significantly shows how you actually consented on these pipes passing through your property. This is a very important agreement and you want to be able to get it done right. So, knowing what you must do will help a lot.

The reason for this is because there needs to be maintenance needs that your firm has to fulfill when operating these pipes. It is not enough that you get them buried in the specific locations that you will need them to get buried. You will need to make sure too, that they are kept in excellent condition all the time. You're going to perform maintenance, tests, and other servicing.

These are considered to be special agreements between the owners of the properties and you that you have determined to be really affected with what you have in mind. It's essential that the necessary steps are followed here. There will be legal procedures that should be properly covered this time before the whole agreement is considered a valid one. Make sure that these processes and procedures are successfully followed this time.

Make sure that the properties that you are going for are situated in a good location. They need to have a good aerial view too. In fact, the easement would see to it that trees and such other plants that may obstruct an aerial view of the area are not planted on the land. This would be crucial towards the maintenance and tests that you will have to perform when keeping these line sin good shape.

As a result of the easement, you have to pay the landowner a specific amount in exchange of him agreeing to get your pipes to pass through his property. The law states that a minimum of one dollar has to be paid to the landowner for these transaction. Of course, in reality, these figures are considerably bigger and landowners can negotiate a better compensation.

Determine that agreements that will be set between you and these landowners. It matters a lot that both of you knows and fully understand these provisions that are included therein. Encourage the landowners to ask questions. Then, you can easily explain to them everything that they want to ask questions about as this would allow them to decide better in the process.

There are landowners that would choose to refuse the establishment of the pipeline right of way. This is possible. However, if the court actually determines that the establishment of the business is going to benefit that greater god, then it can force a landowner to go through with the easement.

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