The Advantages Of Learning For All Ages

By Jerri Perry

There are tremendous benefits to continued education throughout life. Many experts feel that learning for all ages is an important way to prevent cognitive degeneration in later years and also to help keep people interested in life and active. There is always something new to learn or another book to read. Keeping the mind active is also an excellent way to make new friends.

All too many people seem to view the acquisition of knowledge as something that only occurs in a particular setting. These settings are typically schools and colleges. They feel that once they are out of school and into a job or career that there is nothing left to learn. Even on the job training makes them cringe as they do not like to be placed in a position that forces them to deal with new things.

It is a proven fact that parents with higher education are much more involved in their own children's school work. They know first hand how vital it is to get an education. This is what determines what type of job the child will grow up to have and very importantly how much money they will have the capacity to earn.

People who are not afraid to learn are actually quite rare. Many people do not like to stray out of their comfort zone and would much rather let opportunity pass them by that to risk doing something new and different. Once they stop learning individuals become rigid in their outlook and maybe even afraid. It is not good for their future to live in a world where nothing new is ever allowed to enter.

When people find themselves in this difficult situation it can be hard to change. It is best to begin with something small. Many people find that joining a book club is a great first step back on the road to learning. They will be forced to read a book that they would not normally have chosen. They can then become part of the group and spend time discussing their opinions about the book with other members of the club.

Taking part in a new hobby is also a great way to introduce something new to life. A sport such as golf is perfect. The participants will enjoy both a physical and mental challenge. They will also be with other like minded sports people and have a chance to indulge in some friendly competition. Keeping score is the best way to embrace the challenge and always try to do better next time.

A great teacher will inspire a life long love of learning to their students. The youngsters will carry a special place in their hearts for that one special teacher who really stands out. It is exactly this type of experience early in life that can really change the way people view their own ability to learn. Those that have a positive outcome will often pass on this encouragement to others.

For many people learning for all ages takes a determined effort. Like most things it is a habit that must be cultivated. They must begin by making small changes, such as reading a book every week. Each change creates a building block and these will eventually create a strong foundation for change.

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