The Key Things In Construction Materials Recycling

By Krystal Branch

Tearing a house carefully in order to recycle and salvage all the essential building materials is known as deconstructing. The process is not only expensive but also consumes time. However, it has an advantage since it helps in saving the environment. Construction materials recycling involves saving of building materials that can be reused later. This is a beneficial process as it helps in reducing wastes that would be disposed to a local disposal site. Not all debris is reused, however what is salvaged can be used in construction of new structure. Provided here are common recycling objects found in buildings.

In the United States alone, contractors build about 1 million single family units every year at a cost of almost $100 billion. Most of the money is spent on the wood for windows, floors, doors, sheathing and framing and much of it come from virgin timber. By reusing wood through re milling timber, contractors can now build new windows, doors, paneling and floors as well as barns and fences.

Without a drywall, any building would get quite chilly in winter since there would not be any interior walls. Fortunately, the drywall is a recyclable material that can be reused and builders can use scraps to plug openings in the walls. Drywall is also important in agriculture since it contains boron, which is also a plant nutrient, and landscapers use the element with soil to provide a nutrient rich food source.

Steel is often used in superstructures like skyscrapers, bridges, high-rise apartment blocks and others. In America, more than 65 million tons of scrap steel is recycled every year and they still maintain the durability and strength. Additionally, most steel framing is made up of 28% recycled steel and it comes from pilings, trusses and girders found in building sites.

Every year, United States produces eleven million tons of roofing shingles as waste. This waste is acquired from old building shingles which is unlike the case of other wastes that are generated when a building is being erected. It is important noting that roofing shingles are popular for their durability. The good news is that they can withstand low temperatures as well as the scorching sunlight.

It is a good option to use glass products and recycled windows in your project. Glass products are rarely used by contractors as they are easily manufactured and more so they have specifications that make them difficult to use for other purposes. Before a glass window can be reused, parts such as insulating spacers, lamination layers, aluminum and vinyl should be removed.

There is a major role that is played by the recycled landscape when making plans for a building. Landscape waste has been banned by states and local authorities. The contractors should recycle it in order to use it. The waste can be used as landscape accent which is available in mulch form.

Other construction materials recycling techniques that should not go ignore include offering appliances a second chance in life and crushing masonry and concrete rubble for use as pavement for driveways and roads. Asphalt can also be used in building roads within the residential neighborhoods. Additionally, copper can be salvaged and sold to local scrap metal dealers and junkyards.

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