The Pros And Cons Of Rooming With Your Best Friend

By Hedrick Lepsch

As a college student in the 21st century, it is no easy task trying to keep yourself focused. With new cool gadgets coming out every day, it is just getting easier and easier to spend time on the latest tablet, phone, or game. Everyone is connected with devices such as these and trying to keep yourself focused while studying and keep these distractions out can seem like running up a river. But there is hope! Below are a few of the game changers to help you deal with this impossible task and pick up your grades in doing so.

This can be the hardest part. Most likely, you have never even realized that you struggle with this. Many people don't realize how when they study for 5 hours, they actually are texting others, checking there Facebook, tweeting there friends, taking pictures with Instagram, or watching clips on YouTube. A good exercise would be to keep track of the actual amount of time you study during the day vs. the time that you spend on social media. You might be surprised when you learn your results.

As hard as it is to move on from the past, it is important to at least start to try and distract yourself from it. Once you meet new people and make friends your focus will change from the past to the present. You can join local community clubs and organizations to participate in service activities that will help you take your mind off yourself and what you miss and remind you of what in your life you are thankful for.

As important as it is to take your mind off of home, it is also important not to forget it. Sometimes the best way to make yourself feel better about being away from home is planning the next time you are going to go back. Budget how much money you have and how much you will need for travel costs.

Schedule your future plans ahead of time in order to save time for a trip home. Organize to meet family and friends that will also be in town. Having something like this to look forward to gives you hope and allows you to relax until the time comes to go home.

Getting involved in the community and making new friends can be easier said than done. If you are having trouble doing that or just find extra time on your hands, find a hobby to distract yourself.

Studying at your apartment can make it easy for you to cave when your friends are around indulging in what you want to be a part of with phones, etc. Rid yourself of these temptations. Try studying at a park on a blanket, or go try out your public library. You will have a much more enjoyable and liberating study this way.

No matter what you are studying, whether it is accounting, event planning, or programming, trying to stay focused might become a battle. The best advice is to hold strong to what you decide. You will most likely notice the difference as you keep going with keeping away from the distractions and your grades will surely thank you.

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