How to Make an Impression at a Job Fair

By Todd B Bavol

     If you are looking for a career change, you may want to visit a job fair. Most areas have more than one of these opportunities for individuals to engage hiring managers and companies. It is a good idea to invest in the right company to submit your resume to, but that's often not enough. Some job fairs have hundreds of people attending them, all who may be vying for that handful of open jobs. How can you stand out and make a good impression at one of these events?

Be Yourself and Be Genuine

     Keep your head up, smile and shake a hand. When you are at a job fair, it is easy to turn off prospective hiring managers by not doing these simple things. They need to learn who you are and find out what you have to offer. You need to ensure that you are not arrogant or, in any way, pushing yourself on them. You want to be genuine with the professionals there. Find out what they have to offer and be sure to come across as an interested party.

Have a Resume on Hand

     Though you may be able to fill out job applications at the site, it is a good idea to bring along your resume as well. When you are looking for a career change, you may even want to ask the hiring manager to speak to you about this opportunity. You want to form a connection that the piece of paper of a resume or a job application cannot. Discuss your experience and your needs. You may find that job fairs are great opportunities to learn what others think of your career change, too.

Be Respectful of Their Time

     With hundreds of people in attendance, most hiring managers do not have an hour to sit down and talk to you. That's why you need to keep your meeting brief. One way to do this is to make a commercial about yourself. Rehearse a few lines that provide the most information about yourself, what you have to offer and why the company should consider hiring you. Be impressive.
The fact is, a job fair is a good opportunity to build your network, discuss your career change needs with the HR manager and to get information about what is out there. However, that hiring manager needs to be impressed in order to remember who you are. With hundreds of people at the job fair, it is up to you to make that good impression.

     Todd Bavol is the President and CEO of Integrity Staffing Solutions. Integrity Staffing Solutions is a national staffing firm assisting individuals and corporations in making the right employment fit. To view job openings in Warehouse, Professional and Administrative positions, visit the Integrity Staffing Solutions web site at

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