What Job Recruiters Use on Your Resume

By Todd B Bavol

     When it comes to finding a job, many factors play a role in the process. You need to locate open positions. You need to apply for them. And, you need to present a polished resume that will impress. Does any job recruiter really look at a resume anymore? They do. Even more importantly, they are looking for information that is very specific on this document. It will answer their immediate questions and provide more information than you may realize. If you are hoping to find a job, be sure your resume shines in the right places.

The Contact Information

     You know your resume contact information needs to be up to date to ensure that the job recruiters can actually call you for a job interview. However, they also use this information to help them to know where you are located. Are you near to the open position or will it take a long commute to work?

Your Recent Job Title

     On a resume, your job title matters. This is the name of the position you held at the company you were with more recently. You need the job title to be accurate, but it also needs to provide information to the job recruiter. For example, they will look for how long you've held the position. They may also use this as a way to find out if you are advancing and growing or if you are stuck in the same position from one job to the next.

Your Employment Dates

     Another area of the job resume that recruiters are looking at are your employment dates. Employment dates are important for many reasons. One of them is the length of time you've spent at your various previous jobs. If your employment dates show you have moved from job to job every year or so, the company may pass over your application. They do not want to invest in someone who does not plan to stick around long term.

Your Key Strengths

     Throughout your resume, you need to ensure your key strengths are included. These are words that describe the strengths you have that make you a standout applicant. For example, you may want a list of those very specific skills you have. You may also want to ensure there is a bulleted list of your key strengths on your resume.

     By polishing your resume, you will be able to find a job. Job recruiters need you to be the type of person that fills their needs from day one. Your resume provides that information to them.

     Todd Bavol is the President and CEO of Integrity Staffing Solutions. Integrity Staffing Solutions is a national staffing firm assisting individuals and corporations in making the right employment fit. To view job openings in Warehouse, Professional and Administrative positions, visit the Integrity Staffing Solutions web site at http://www.integritystaffing.com.

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