A Study On The Role Of DACA In Summer School San Francisco

By Marsha Klein

Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals is an immigration reform that was put into effect in the last year to ensure that the immigrants that are young and pose no threat to the public security are protected. The importance of the DACA lessons in Summer School San Francisco to these immigrants is to act as reform against some of the immigration law that is bound to affect them. They as well prevent the Homeland Security department from exercising unfair treatment on them.

Deferred Action for Childhood arrivals was able to take effect in fifteenth August last year. From this time it has worked tirelessly to ensure that the rights of the individuals that are between the age of fifteen and thirty years are protected. These guidelines are stated by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services.

This department considers any immigrant that is illegal in the state as part and parcel of this team that is posing threat. They therefore ensure that these individuals are transported back to their states. The importance of the DACA is to therefore come in to offer help to young immigrants who might be a target to this department.

Their main responsibility is to make sure that the young youth that is eligible and between the age of fifteen and thirty years does not face deportation for duration of two years. In addition this victim is given the authorization to get a job that is able to improve their economic opportunity. In addition through these two advantages they are therefore given the freedom to enjoy the social life.

During the middle of the previous year they ought need to have been within the State. The functions played by the Summer School San Francisco cannot be applicable if the person was not in the city that particular time. And if they were in the state they need to be currently in school or be a graduate with honorable recommendation from relevant institutions. This recommendation is able to reveal that they have all the capacity and potential to live well with other people.

The youth must be between the age of fifteen and thirty years old to be able to benefit from this bill and if they eligible and had entered the United States of America when they were below the age of sixteen. In addition they might have been physically present in the state on the fifteenth of June last year and with a limited continuous stay period of five years.

These youths need to be currently in school or be graduates from school. They must not be posing any threat to the national security or be having any form of conviction. If a person is able to qualify to all of the condition that are stated above they are assured of not facing deportation for duration of two years.

The functions played by the DACA within Summer School San Francisco however show that despite this challenge they have been of success in other areas. For instance on the individuals that they have reached they have given them not only by giving the economic opportunity but also the ability to socially incorporate into the state goal. This institute is in addition working to ensure that is gets a convenient manner through which they are able to contact its members.

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