How Positive Affirmation Can Produce Beneficial Change

By Ewald Moors

You've read all the self-help books: Attitude is everything! Change your perspective! Have a positive outlook! Can these ideas really change your future? And if so, how? In my childhood and adolescence, I was skeptical. Let's fact it, if my brother was born without being able to walk, how could my attitude or outlook change anything?As I got older I continued to reflect on a youth seemingly filled with disappointments and doubts. In talking to my friends and family, I realized I wasn't alone, we've all experienced them. Then, I started taking a good, long look at myself and my feelings. I realized that my deepest feelings were the ones guiding me forward, challenging me to reach to the depth of what I was able to feel - happy or sad. In the end, these feelings allowed me to explore all dimensions of my being.

Affirmation on the other hand will make those subconscious thoughts conscious because you will be aware of them. And, when you start thinking conscious positive thoughts, you will be more aware which negative thoughts are threatening to take over. This is because we create what we think.This is an interesting phenomenon because if you're not aware of your negative thoughts, it could be sabotaging for you. Ninety percent of what you are thinking about gets carried over the next day's 52,000 thoughts so if you're thinking negative, you are bound to think negative thoughts and will never get you out of your rut. And yet, since affirmation means saying something positively, your statements will assert what you want to be true and change your mind set.

You can take action right now to get the results you consciously desire in any area of your life by applying the following key points to produce effective, measurable results in your daily affirmation practices: Be persistent and be consistent. According to many surveys taken of participants of self-improvement programs, when citing a lack of success in achieving their goals, they also admitted to a lack of consistent practice. This simple key is fundamental to success - considering how many years we spend on developing, refining and polishing our beliefs and assumptions about what we can't do, is it really logical to assume that a reversal of perception is going to occur after 4 or 5 attempts? No; so please, when trying to change a habit or develop more esteem or land the perfect job, give it some time and attention. Research tells us it takes 21 - 28 days to develop a new habit, so give your goals and affirmations a minimum of 21 days before deciding on its effectiveness.

How? Simply affirm that is already here.Creating Affirmations.The key to the success of an affirmation is its potential or the potentiality of your creative thought. The laws of the universe will respond then not to your asking for what you wish, but rather your affirmation that it is already here. Look at these statements:

I am a big fan of using affirmation to effect personal change. I believe that by choosing to think positive affirmations, it will be easier for my mind to respond to something I believe to be true. Although I know how it works, I still find it astonishing that something this simple can create a dramatic effect in my life. It is nothing short of remarkable but by simply saying short sentences over and over again, you can produce positive change. But, don't let the simple technique fool you into thinking that they cannot work for you.

Challenge old beliefs. A great deal of the beliefs we have that cause our issues of low self-esteem, lack of self-confidence and helplessness are the results of our early childhood interactions with our parents - beliefs we developed as a five-year old may have been effective at keeping us safe and secure as small children, but that same belief held by an adult can result in a lack of confidence or responsibility for our own happiness, to ask for what we want or be able to say no to others. Unattended, out-worn beliefs that hang around long after their expiry date are responsible for enormous pain and regret; learn to identify them and weed them out of your mind to make room for new, empowering one.

Can you see the importance of this process? I AM Beautiful.Therefore, if I write this statement on an index card and place it in my pocket or write it several times in my notebook then say it out loud to myself, what happens? Soon I manifest beauty! I begin to believe what I have written and translate it into a feeling.

It is important to realize that all things exist in some form. The money you need is out there. The perfect person you wish you could spend your whole life with is somewhere, just waiting to meet you. The tools you need for learning exist, and so do the people you need to meet. When you stop to think about this, it makes the idea of lack seem utterly preposterous.In order to use affirmations properly, it is important to know what you want. Spend some time thinking about your desires and work on framing your affirmative statements in a manner that will be most powerful. Do not use any negating statements that talk about what you do not wish to have. Think and speak in completely positive terms.

The second advantage to affirming as if the outcome has already been achieved is because it makes it easier to emotionally connect with your goals, and emotionally charging your affirmations is the secret ingredient to outstanding results. This might be a bit of a challenge initially, particularly if you find yourself feeling any discomfort as outlined in point #1, or if you've shut yourself down from experiencing strong emotion, but it will really super-charge your results if you can immerse yourself in the feelings, emotions and sensations of the results you want contained in your affirmations. Simple repetition is effective in itself, but the added element of powerful, strong and positive emotion will speed up your results considerably. Don't worry if your feelings don't seem authentic, keep at it, be persistent and you'll enjoy the sweet rewards of your faith and perseverance.When practicing positive affirmations, for women or within any distinct group, being aware of the customary or habitual roles we've identified with in that group will help us to free ourselves from the restrictions of those roles and aid us in re-defining ourselves to better express and enjoy who we are in truth. Applying the 5 key points of being persistent and consistent to give ourselves the best chance at success; of having faith in your vision by doing it even when you feel uncomfortable because you understand positive change is taking place; of being crystal clear about your goals and amassing mountains of reasons to keep you on course and propel yourself through the tough times; of courageously challenging outworn and outdated beliefs that hold us back and reclaiming our power from them; and affirming as though your goal is a done deal to give your dreams emotional fuel and vitality will give your affirmations weight and authority to power yourself into a future of your own deliberate creation. No one else will do this for you, and taking command of your thoughts, visions and emotions is a potent gift to yourself - enjoy your new powerful and positive results!

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