Building Self Esteem In Athletes

By Manuela Sousa Almeida

Building self esteem in elderly nursing home patients can benefit all that are involved with the aged person, from the Nursing Staff to the Kitchen Staff to even the cleaning Staff. Then there are also the Elderly family, if the aged person is happy with the Nursing Home then the Patient will show signs of being satisfied. Then the family will be reassured by their loved one's voice that they have chosen the best place for their loved one to reside in. It is like a snow ball is happy and then all are happy.

Building Self Esteem.The Elderly are very vulnerable when they are at the mercy of a Nursing Home. If the Elderly are used to living at the Home and have a strong personality then they will feel reassured about speaking out and having self-esteem. But if they are new to the Nursing Home, or have a change in their care plan needs because of their own health then it is most likely that their Self Esteem will need to be reassessed.

Thoughts are not enough by themselves. It's not enough to think right. You could sit in a corner and think all the thoughts you want and still not make any change to your condition. You also need to do the required steps. And this takes work, planning, strategy, thinking, action and developing skills. Thinking right is great but it's not enough by itself. You also need to act.There's proof that good health can be influenced by your thoughts.Scientists have discovered how belief works at the physical level. Basically, beliefs can change your cells and even switch off or on your genes. This means that you can become someone else mentally and physically through changing your thought patterns. Also, in the past few years, scientists have discovered through the use of REMs how the thoughts that people have on a daily basis rewires the brain at a physical level.

Be careful about having too many assumptions. Assumptions can lead you astray. Assumptions are beliefs that you take for granted. This means that you don't question them and assume them to be true. People in general are pretty logical. They get into trouble when they assume certain wrong things to be true. Examine your more cherished beliefs and test them.The above ideas and principles will help you take control of your mind and direct your thoughts towards success. They require dedication, work, ambition and a lot of patience.I have posted an earlier article (7 self esteem boosters for children) which gives an outline of how the parent or the caregiver can help. Now I want to inform you on how to take action on the theory. I'll walk you though how I do it. You will be able to look over my shoulder and do the same.

Building Self Esteem in Elderly Nursing Home Patients takes time and team work. From the top of the management team to the AIN, EEN, RN, kitchen staff, laundry staff and also the cleaning staff. If the same view-point comes from the top of the staff to the bottom of the staff then it will shine through to all at the Nursing Home. The Patients will feel safe, will feel the love among the staff and will have their Self Esteem in tact.There was a study carried out to see the effects of Self Esteem on Nursing Home Residents which you can read by going to this page Geratic Nursing

Keeping Self Esteem High.Once you have the Self Esteem back on track for the Elderly then it is just as important to keep the Self Esteem High. If one of the members of the staff start to speak in a voice that has no respect for the Elderly then all the staff need to pull together to turn the situation around and address the Elderly in a way that shows the person feels loved and cared about. It is important for our aged generation to feel love, to feel peace and to know that they were once an important person in society.

Self-responsibility neither implies moral blame nor guilt, but should foster a curious inquiry into how and why your life is the way it is. Look for solutions. Ask what assumptions, beliefs, or attitudes motivated your choices and behavior, and what actions can be taken in the future.Avoiding self-responsibility puts you in the role of a helpless victim, waiting for others to change, so that you'll feel better. That never works in the long run, because we can't change others, and even their accommodation to our needs only provides a temporary lift. The other extreme - feeling you're responsible for everything that befalls you can also injure your self-esteem. Blaming yourself for every accident, illness, and mishap presumes an unrealistic level of control. Nor are you responsible for someone else's abusive behavior, but you are responsible for your response to it. Instead of asking why did he or she did that, ask "What beliefs do I have that allow me to permit it?" "What boundaries do I set?" "How can I better protect myself?" "What may happen if I don't change my response?"

Let the action begin. Remember this is not a competition! The aim of the activity is to promote building self esteem in children. You want them to enjoy the activity. The more they enjoy the activity, the more they will practice. The more they practice the more they will shine. Once they excel then they really start to build high self esteem. You want to encourage them along the way. It is their effort to master the activity which must be praised, not the level they achieve. This is a hugely important point - it is the effort that is praised. This will program them that it is the effort that counts.If success comes early so be it, but the children will be programmed to keep at it until they succeed. Children truly appreciate it when parents and carers recognise their efforts rather than their results. As my 13 year old son said this week, "I'm really proud of my efforts to succeed at windsurfing. It takes a lot of practice and effort. Football is so easy; you just have to kick a ball!"

So those are the moments I live for. To be present as the children's self esteem is built block by block. There is an excellent product by Dr Joe Rubino for overcoming negative cellular memory in elevating children's self esteem.Quite often activities are undertaken as part of a community. Vegetable plots on a local allotment are extremely social places. Children's plots can be appreciated by the other allotment members. In our case, the windsurfing school has other surfers on the water who often compliment the boys on how they are progressing.Compliments from others are powerful in building self esteem in children. Teenagers especially look for acceptance in the wider world. Sometimes, this is a big step to take. We have found that self hypnosis products by Uncommon Knowledge can actually help in overcoming a fear of social occasions. Their products can even be used for dealing with exam stresses.Let the children fly. If they take to the activity, support them in their efforts. Let them spread their wings. Remember it is the effort you are praising, not the result.These are the first, essential steps needed to prepare them to leave the nest. The final act for the parent is to allow the children stand on their own two feet. Once they can do this then it is time to kick them out from the family home.Here, is a list of activities which are all terrific for building self esteem in children.I hope you can think of some more, especially mother and daughter ones. Better still post your stories and experiences

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