Bob Proctor From The Secret, The 11 Forgotten Laws And On 'think And Grow Rich'

By Paul H. Gray

In the following 11 Forgotten Laws review we'll discuss what the 11 Forgotten Laws is as well as what's inside the course before finishing the review with the pros and cons.There's no shortage of information and training available that aims to teach you the principles behind the law of attraction and how you can apply them to manifest your desires.However not many actually go into great depth and can often leave you more confused than before you initially researched the information or even invested in the course!

There is one course however known as the 11 Forgotten Laws which has been on the market for a number of years.The 11 Forgotten laws goes above and beyond the basic principles associated with the law of attraction. It contains ten additional laws which experts claim will deliver much better and faster results when applied alongside the law of attraction.

What Does The 11 Forgotten Laws by Bob Proctor Program Comprise Of? This program offers an online integrated learning course comprising 95 powerful lesson tracks on 12 CDs in MP3 format. It also includes an eBook Transcript of all 95 lessons for quick reference and revision, as well as the original Law of Attraction blueprint, "Working With The Law" eBook, by Raymond Holliwell.

Many people have dismissed 'The Secret' as flowery mumbo jumbo - new age hippy reason which doesn't really work. Bob Proctor suggests in his new course The 11 Forgotten Laws to develop a hunger for the knowledge that the film The Secret is based on. If it didn't work for you then find out why and where you were going wrong rather than simply dismiss the principles themselves. Deciding that the Law of attraction doesn't work after only watching 'The Secret' several times is not really a true study of the subject. In fact 'giving up' is the surest way to 'prove' that it doesn't work! Bob Proctor and Mary Morrissey suggest different strategies and detail some of the solutions to the difficulties people have when trying to use the principles taught in 'The Secret'.I remember the first time I watched the movie "The Secret" a friend of mine gave it to me when I joined a network marketing company as part of our training. I have to admit it sat on top of the TV stand for about 6 months before I got around to watching it. Then one day I decided I was gonna check it out and popped it in the VCR. I remember thinking WOW, I can make my dreams come true - FINALLY!

But as months went by and I still wasn't living the life I had dreamed and I wasn't building the successful network marketing business I had hope to, I began to have my doubts about this Law of Attraction stuff.I watched the movie over and over again and each time I got excited about the prospect of creating the life I desired, but still I wasn't getting the results I wanted.I was however able to manifest a new car for myself and my husband. That gave me new-found hope! If I could manifest a car, what else could I manifest... a life of abundance and happiness! Oh yes, I was excited again that I was going to use the Law of Attraction to have the life I desired! Or so I thought!

Months went by again, and still I wasn't able to grow my business and generate the income I wanted. I was able to attract small things however, like thinking of a friend only to have the phone ring moments later, or think of a song and then hear it on the radio a few hours later but I still wasn't manifesting riches like I had hoped.I was frustrated that sometimes I could get it to work, but other times I couldn't. What was the trick or "SECRET" lol to this manifesting thing? Then I came across a product by Bob Proctor called the 11 Forgotten Laws I learned that the movie "The Secret" like many Hollywood movies left out a lot of stuff so they could just give the "basics" and a quick idea of what the Law of Attraction was. Bob explains that there are actually 11 Forgotten Laws and until you can master all of them the Law of Attraction won't work to its full.

You'll also need to revisit certain modules and training in order to really tie it all together in order to see the results you desire.I suggest you keep reading on this 11 Forgotten Laws review if you are interested in improving your life and attract positive energies. This might be just one of the most important things you have ever done in your life.

Since The Secret was revealed, people became eager in seeking the truth behind the Law of Attraction. This law has been a driving force for people who are experiencing difficulties in life to achieve success. What most people forget or don't realize when trying to work with the Law of Attraction is that it is more than just mere wishing. It needs the right attitude, discipline, and action for it to work.The 11 Forgotten Laws is part of the Working With The Law program. Created by Bob Proctor and Mary Morrissey, it is a home study program that discusses the 11 laws of the universe and how to manifest them to your advantage.

Eventually, I decided to invest in this new course by Bob Proctor called The 11 Forgotten Laws, and I am glad that my understanding of the law of attraction has changed ever since.Why Are The 11 Forgotten Laws so Important? These 11 laws work together with the law of attraction to achieve its effects. They do not work individually as they are all the principles in which the entire universe is formed. This is the main reason why some people are unable to use this law properly while others are able to easily.

PROS AND CONS: Although I could not find any faults with the product, some complaints I found from others were that it can be a bit overwhelming since it is very comprehensive and gives a lot of detail. Some wished that it had a step by step guide or summary after each lesson as to what actionable steps to way to overcome this is to listen and read everything over 2 to 3 times until it becomes clear, or reach out to the members forum and support desk. We all have setbacks in life and rather than give up and decide it doesn't work... reach out to someone who may have gone through something similar and will have the answer. Another complaint was that some wished it came as a physical product rather than digital... I personally like digital because I don't have to wait for it to arrive I have instant access, however; it is a rather large download and some may have slower computers or not the right amount of space.

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