Categories Of The CNA Train The Trainer Course About Business Products

By Katrina Wheeler

The categories of the CNA train the trainer course about business products depend on the fields that are involved and the physical aspect of the items that are involved. Looking on the physical aspect, the items can be classified broadly into tangible and non tangible goods. This is the classification that is based n the ability to perceive the good by the sense of touch.

The tangible goods are those that can easily be preserved by the sense of touch. They therefore have form and texture. The non tangible goods on the other hand cannot be perceived by the sense of touch, they are considered more as virtual than as real. An example of the tangible goods is the buildings, clothes and cars but the non tangible goods can include the computer programs.

The whole manufacturing process is concerned with the transformation of the transformation of the raw product to the form that is useful to the end users that are involved. During this process the manufactures need to ensure that the commodities that are produced meet the need of the market in terms of quality and cost. To reduce the cost the manufacture need to ensure that the production cost is reduced.

The mode of transportation that is involved in the transportation of perishable goods is not the same mode that is employed in the transportation of durable goods. The non durable goods are very much dependent f the transportation time. They need to take the shortest time possible to get to the market than the durable goods. This is because a little delay can cause them to be destroyed before they can be availed in the market.

The commodities are them passed on through the food supply chain to the end user. This good however need to meet all the needs of the customer for them to be of any importance to the manufacturer. Commodities that do not meet these needs either in quality or in price might not be bough in the market and they end up resulting into losses to the parties that are involved.

To the customer or the end users they however avail the products in low quantity depending on the requirements of the user. Through this merchandise they are able to satisfy the needs of the market because the price that the customer pays through the retailer traders is way too low than when direct purchase from the manufactures is done. The customers in addition are only able to buy the capacity that they require.

During the manufacturing, the producer needs to ensure that these items meet the requirement of the end user. Otherwise they might end up not accomplishing the purpose for which they are manufactured. The producer therefore needs to reduce the production cost.

The categories of the CNA train the trainer course about business products based on the level can call fort for the retailing process. This is the process that involved the distribution of goods that have been purchased from the manufacture to the end user. The people that are involved can be situated in specific location or they might be involved in personal delivery.

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