The Law Of Attraction - The Secret To Successful Life

By Maria M. Moller

According to the law of attraction you will get what you think about. If you think in a negative way, bad things will happen; if you think positively good things will happen. It can be taken even further by attributing all the good or bad things that happen to us to the way we think. Wikipedia gives an example of someone receiving an envelope in the mail. Positive thought will produce a check, negative thought will produce a bill.Does the law of attraction work in this way? I don't think so: whatever is in the envelope is in the envelope. It's your attitude to what the envelope contains that makes the difference. A negative person will focus on the fact they cannot afford to pay the bill; a positive person will focus on ways to pay the bill. They will decide what action they can take to get the money to pay the bill. This will attract positive, constructive thoughts that will eventually lead to a solution. That is the way law of attraction works.

Does the law of attraction mean the Universe will shower us with any amount of good things if we expect it to? Maybe, but I believe it is our attitude that helps us see the opportunities because we are looking for them. The same thing can happen to different people, such as receiving an envelope in the mail: one person will see it as a bad thing and may be frightened to open it while another will be eager see the contents as it may contain another opportunity.

In contrast to beta, the mind level states of alpha, theta and delta, are associated with states of relaxation such as meditation. As you access deeper levels of your mind, you can more easily connect with a higher force that is greater than you. These mind states are not restrictive but rather very expansive. They help to expand your awareness beyond ordinary consciousness.As you go deeper within into higher mind states, such as theta, you can connect with a higher force, to Infinite Intelligence or what some people refer to as the mind of God. As your connection with Infinite Intelligence becomes stronger, you become more empowered gaining insights, guidance and abilities that were formerly outside of your reach. Then, you will be in a much more empowered position to make the Law Of Attraction work for you and make changes happen in your life for the better.

It is not important to remember the details of the different mind states. The important point is to become aware that you can use the powers of these deeper levels of your mind to create a better world for yourself and for others.Ancient wisdom teachers, such as shamans and alchemists, teach that we are part physical and part spiritual beings. In other words, each of us has a spiritual counterpart. We all have a Higher Self, a higher force that always is trying to help us evolve and grow our personal power. It is through our higher selves that we get the guidance we need to live deeply happy lives, to make wise financial decisions, to heal our bodies, to choose partners for our highest good and to get insights on difficult life decisions.

While the Law of Attraction is true, without inner power, our ability to make the law of attraction work will be limited. Without enough personal power, we have difficulty understanding inner guidance that continually communicates with us in attempts to help us achieve powerful results. The importance of inner power is often misunderstood or undervalued. It not only will help you make the law of attraction work for you, it will help you transcend ordinary living. It is not an exaggeration to say that much of the suffering and difficulties people have in life is due to a lack of personal power.Whether you desire to manifest concrete goals, such as a new job or house, or abstract goals, such as greater intuition, the more inner power you have, the greater your capability will be to achieve what you set out to accomplish with speed and ease. Manifesting your desires, healing, and creating miracles are real possibilities, and indeed, probabilities, when you connect with your personal power.

Unlimited Inner Power offers free audios and resources that will help you discover how to use powerful ancient wisdom and modern scientific knowledge about the powers of the mind to change your entire life for the better. The FREE audio will help you reach deep states of mental and physical relaxation. You'll enter a state of altered heightened consciousness (theta) within minutes of listening. When you sign up, you'll also receive inspiring articles and invites to special tele-seminars to help you become more empowered.If you practice any kind of Law of Attraction meditation or visualizations on a regular basis, then you've likely run into the following scenario. On the one hand, you want a lot of money. The more money you have, the more comfortable life you can live. The more nice things you can buy for yourself and your family. The more supportive you can be of your friends.

Visualizing is mentally practicing success which has been proven time and again in creating success. This is an aspect that is often used in sports but left out in most people's ideas of goal setting. Taking the time to picture your success in your mind can have a great impact on your life.

Focusing keeps us intent on actively looking for ways to help us reach our goals. It helps us see the opportunities showing up in our lives and reminds us to act when they appear. A side benefit of this one is that is really will help you to appreciate the moment. If we are looking for opportunities and good things in life, we are living more in the moment than if we are worrying about the future or grumbling about the past.

Likewise, the person selling you the hamburger would rather have the dollar. Before the exchange, you have a dollar, but you want a hamburger. He or she has a hamburger but would rather have the dollar. After the exchange you are both better off.This is true for every single exchange you can make. Working for an employer, making an investment, selling stuff at a garage sale, selling stuff on eBay, or selling your services from home as a writer.

There's simply now way for you to get any money at all unless you are giving somebody something that they want more than they the money.On the one hand, it's completely selfish to want more money so you can buy stuff for yourself and live an easy life. But on the other hand, and this is crucial, it's impossible to get that money unless you make people better off than they were before.So every single dollar that you have is a measure of how much better off you've made other people. The more money you have, the more people you've made better off. The more you've increased the net happiness of the world. Is that really selfish? Of course not.That's why Napoleon Hill, in "Think And Grow Rich," suggested that when doing any kind of money making visualizations, to visualize tons of people out there getting their needs met because of your actions. Because when lots of people out there are getting their needs met, you are getting paid.

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