Many People Have Discovered Ways To Learn To Speak English Online

By Katrina Wheeler

For decades English has been a popular language to learn but nowadays instead of attending a language center or finding a private teacher, people are turning to the Web to learn to speak English online. All over the world people of all ages, from school children to retirees, are learning in increasing numbers. Amazingly it is estimated that at any one time there are over a billion people enrolled in programs of one kind or another.

Globalization has been the main engine behind this growth. English is still the main language used by financial institutions and when many companies have a foot in several different countries, they need a common language for communication. Employees are expected to learn it either on the job or to have reached a competent level in order to be employed in the first place. Universities in English-speaking countries are popular among international students, and many post-graduate programs around the world are taught in English. Travel also remains a common reason for learning another language too.

There are many different ways to acquire languages, and one increasingly popular method is to use the internet. The Web offers people a range of choices depending on their budget, schedule and goals or preferred learning style. Other important considerations are whether the student needs a certificate as evidence of having completed a program and how much time they have available to dedicate to study and to practice their new skills.

For the learner who likes a conventional language program there are lots of these available on the Web. These courses are arranged in a linear way and the student can follow step by step, starting with easier levels and progressing to harder ones. They have speech recognition software and will feedback on mistakes and correct answers instantly allowing the learner to make repeated attempts at pronouncing words, or sentence comprehension. These courses can be for either travelers or company employees depending on the kind of course signed up for.

Worksheets are an alternative mode of study. These can be filled in online or conveniently downloaded to be filled in when the learner is ready. This means the learner can focus on specific grammar or practice exercises that they feel they need. Yet another method available is to sign up to a course which offers modules for downloading which are then submitted on completion for grading by a tutor.

Another innovation in learning English using the internet is taking tutorials through videos. Some courses now go further and offer interactive teaching using facilities such as video conferencing. Social networking sites also offer a range of tools for people to develop their skills and then to practice them by interacting conveniently with other speakers and learners around the world.

Some people prefer to keep their learning lighthearted. For these people there are lots of games, quizzes and interactive fun websites to choose from. Often parents and teachers encourage children to learn in this way, but many sites are for adults too.

The broad range of learning tools available on the internet means that there is something for everyone who wants to learn to speak English online. This is true regardless of complicated schedules, varying skill levels or different learning style. Furthermore, this very increase in modes of study will in turn increase the number of learners around the globe.

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