Professional Equine Dental Care And Development

By Sonya Riley

Professional equine dental care and development is essential to the overall health of a horse's teeth. Dentists for horses take care of the health of their teeth. A very common procedure for horses is floating their teeth. This is done to file down sharp edges that may form around the teeth. Their teeth constantly change during their life. Their age can actually be determined by their teeth.

When horses chew on their feed, they begin to wear down their teeth. A different surface develops on the teeth that makes it easier to chew. However, there are times when the surface does not come in as it should. Horse owners must be able understand what to look for when checking horse's teeth. This must be done regularly to avoid major health problems that cause them pain. If their is tooth decay, the teeth will begin to come out, making it difficult for the animals to chew.

Horses exhibit various signs when they have tooth pain. Horses can show signs of stubbornness and irritability. They may show a lot of head tossing because they are in pain. Horses can also show signs of trouble if they cannot stay on their bit. Other issues may include chewing their tongue.

Horse owners will need to understand if their horses are experience tooth pain. Dentist thaw specializes in working with horses are able to treat all kinds of problems they may have with their teeth. If the horse dribbles and drools a lot this is a clear sign that the horse has issues with heir teeth.

Young horses require a lot of care when it comes to their teeth. When they are young start losing their young teeth, they are replaced with larger teeth. These teeth will begin to fall out of the horse's mouth. Gaps will appear in the mouth of the horse until the new tooth comes in. If the tooth does not come in properly it becomes very painful for the horse and could become infected.

Adult horses also need to have their teeth cared for by professional dentists. There are several health issues that can occur with their teeth. Horses teeth wear down and this can cause lesions to develop in their mouth, which is extremely painful. It is important to have a dentist treat this kind of problem as quick as possible. Getting regular check-ups and floating on an annual basis will help to keep their teeth healthy.

Senior horses will additionally require checkups by dentists in this specialty. Senior horses tend to lose their teeth more frequently as they age. This often makes it extremely challenging for horses to chew correctly. When the horse is not getting enough food, they can become sick and malnourished.

Expert equine dental care and development is necessary for all types of horses regardless of their age. A number of specialist work with horses and can care for their dental needs. Problems with the teeth can result in additional problems that affect their health.

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