Advantages Of Working With A Land Surveyor Toronto

By Serena Price

Before selling or buying land, a survey should be done to determine the exact position of the boundaries or the property in question based on the legal documents that pertain to that piece of property. An evaluator then creates the land surveyor Toronto documents while carrying out the process of inspecting the property. The documents offer a legal description of the entire property covering waterways and property lines, being able to read the documents can help you ascertain as a seller or buyer what the land contains.

It is very crucial to understand the surveyor documents because this will curb any misunderstandings that may ensue, between the buyer and the seller. Ensure you read and understand the title insurance commitment document, as well as the enclosed expressive analyses of the rights of a third party, should the need arise. If there is such a concern, ensure that you clearly read the map provided and in case you fail to understand, then the assessors will guide you in reading through the same.

Locate your property on the survey map. Using the descriptions provided, you can locate the property you intend to purchase, accompanied with proper details on whether the property is as a result of subdivision. Should that be the case, further details will also feature in the same, with further explanations, that will leave you better positioned.

As a prospective buyer, you are supposed to know everything about the property you intend to purchase. Usually, the distance between your property and other properties is something that is very important. This will let your know exactly how big your property is and how best to utilize it.

You should have taken notice of a survey legend, positioned right at the bottom of your map. It indicates the topographical features located in your property. They are also accompanied by the symbols of the legend. It is your duty to match them in order to make out, which of the features are in your property. Do not hesitate to conduct any of these activities, as through the process you will also be learning.

Third party claims are usually indicated on the map and are usually clearly marked depending on the type of claim made. To get a better idea of what the property looks like, it is advisable that you walk around when reading the survey map. Some maps are available in color, indicating timbered areas as green, waterways blue, roads brown and railroads black.

Surveyors can help you identify any issues with a property's legal description you are looking to buy or sell and translate them into words and figures that are used for legal documents like deeds. The deed is a legal instrument that is used to prove ownership of the property and an error in legal descriptions can see you receive an inaccurate deed during purchase. An incorrect deed can result in property disputes and refilling of the necessary papers, which will attract additional filing fees.

Property assessors will assist you understand the land surveyor Toronto documents. Should you be prospecting to buy property, then you should seek advice from them. They will assist you go through the documents and explain what may seem as ambiguous to you.

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