How To Become A Train The Trainer CNA Instructor

By Marissa Velazquez

To be a certified train the trainer CNA instructor, an individual should be a registered nurse who teaches nursing assistant training programs. His work entails preparation of lessons, assessing the students and record keeping among other things. In most cases these professionals work in community colleges, career training institutes and other private organizations. They either have an associate or a first degree in nursing, and to be able to work in this field they are required to have had at least two years on the job experience in the capacity of a registered nurse. Listed here are some of the prerequisite qualifications for these professionals.

The first step is to become a registered nurse. If you want to work in this field you have to be a registered nurse first. There are two ways of achieving this, one is to go through a 2-year associate degree program in nursing or a 4-year bachelor of science in nursing program. These programs are offered at nursing schools and community colleges.

A registered nurse training program involves an intensive theory class sessions. A mandatory requirement to work in a laboratory setting is also included to equip the student with practical experience before handling the patient. Before completion of the training, one is expected to do a work rotation in the various departments of the hospital and other health care facilities.

It is a general requirement for all students of this program to learn appropriate care to all patients irrespective of the age. The programs however focus more on the care of adult, the elderly and also maternal and newborn care. The students are expected to learn the ethics of nursing where confidentiality and patient privacy is emphasized.

To be able to work in this field, you have to get a license after graduating from an eligible nursing school. The process of attaining a license involves undertaking a national council examination and after you have passed then the license is granted. Licensing requirement differ from one state to another so there is a possibility to have other special requirements besides the examination which you have to pass before you can get the license.

Before you can start teaching, you are required to have experience working as a registered nurse in a medical facility. The experience period can last for one or two years. Since teaching requires skills you also have to prepare yourself in order to educate others effectively. To achieve this you are required to complete a train-the-trainer certification course. This is also a federal requirement for certified training programs. The course can take a maximum of 15 hours but some may last for a longer time.

The core responsibility of a certified nursing assistant teacher is to prepare the students with necessary theoretical and practical materials not only to pass exams but to also serve patients as well. Given that the medical field is quite wide together with the ever changing technology, teachers are expected to always keep abreast with every day changes. This is to make him embrace the latest techniques and concepts for quality service delivery.

The last step after going through the train the trainer CNA instructor program is to obtain employment after you have also met all the special requirements set by your state. Employment can be sought at any nursing care facilities, local community college and even municipal health colleges. Some vocational-technical and high schools centers can also be good avenues to use when looking for employment.

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