Be Prepared For A Phone Interviews

By George Boyd

Every year, the abundance of graduating students from technical schools and universities increases. Some of them are lucky to land their first job. However many do not seem to have the stamina or skills to get through basic job interviews. On top of that the current model for telephone interviews is not as a cursory first step screening interview but a full , in depth , up to an hour and half interview scenario.

Some pass their application through friends, relatives and, professors. But most of them use the power of internet to find their ever first job. Majority believe that they will immediately found a job using the knowledge gained from schools and universities. However, knowledge is not enough to succeed. A good deliberation of your skills through interview gives additional advantage on winning a job.

Most companies use phone interview to reduce the number of applicants accommodating per day. Through this method, the company saves time and effort in entertaining aspiring individuals one by one. In addition, an applicant also benefits from phone interview screening. This is the best chance to shine and show skills to the employer through speaking over the phone.

With the advent of the internet, an applicant can pass an application to several companies depending on job preferences. Expect for a call from one of these companies after submission. But do not just wait for their call; a good research about the company's products and services provides good impression when the interviewer asked about it. This simple knowledge leaves a positive feedback of your future employer. Create scripts on typical interview question to avoid lapses on the actual interview. . As much as possible, imagine that the interviewer is interacting face-to-face. Record your voice to know if it needs more power and emotion. Do not eat chewing gum or smoke. Prepare for a pen and paper to save important information given by the interviewer. Never discuss unnecessary information, bear in mind that you are in the process of selling your skills to the interviewer. Thus, state more of your abilities to perform the job.

At the end of interview, ask the next step of the application in a polite manner. Tell them that availability will not be an issue whenever a face-to-face interview is required. Always close the interview with a firm handshake, plus a warmth thanking message. Most applicants forget to do this few simple tips at the end of the interview. In fact, closing the interview on this way leaves a good aura to the employer.

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