Some Online Job Scams

By George Dodson

With the economy the way it is today, many people are out of work for quite some time. People are always in search of other avenues to find employment when the regular job market fails to meet their requirements. Online job market has become very popular nowadays. There are people who are earning a lot from the online jobs and so are concentrating on the online jobs for a full time basis. As a result it has become a hot spot for the scammers.

Some websites were created to monitor online scams. They report that scammers produced 550 fake websites in 2009 focused on fleecing people. Most of the sites were opened in the US. It is 2012 now. Do you have an idea how many more have come up now?

If you are one of those people looking for work online, how do you spot online job scams? Are there telltale signs to keep you safe? Most online scammers are hard to spot. They have learned what job seekers are looking for and they provide it. A lot of professional copywriters, graphic designers and even fake reviews are provided to deceive the people. They can even take over legitimate web sites.

There are some telltale signs that you can look for. While starting make sure to look at the website properly. Does it look right? Is everything looking fine? Is the email real? Is It from a corporate domain rather that a popular provider, such as Gmail, or yahoo? Is there something that just doesn't seem right about the site? In order to attract people are they using popular web names? Do they sound a bit strange?

Look for this company in popular sites like Search for complaint reviews about this site. Is the company you are looking for seems to be a fake or scam here?

If this company is requesting your personal information such as license or passport up front before you even agree to their terms, they are probably a scam. If a company says big things about their legality then you can expect it to be illegal.

It is always advised to stay prepared when looking for jobs online. Legitimate companies only need your name and email to begin with. The scam websites can be of great help for you.

Follow these steps to make your search for jobs easier and safer at the same time. Thoroughly check the online form before filling it up.

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