Beautiful And Precious Vicunas For Sale

By Jayne Rutledge

If you search the Internet, you will probably find vicunas for sale in your area of living. These beautiful animals are so popular lately, mainly because they have the most incredible coats. Their wool is of the highest quality, and these lovely small camels are famous for their wool. Paco-vicuna varieties are also available, and you have to be very careful, because they are mostly called by the same name.

These smallest of all camels usually live on the grass plateaus of the Andes, where temperatures during day can reach very high values, while the nights are very cold. This is the reason their coats are so soft and thick. You will find them living in Chile, Argentina, Peru and Bolivia, in their natural environment, but today they can be found all over the world.

These lovely animals are protected, because there are no so many of them any more. Nevertheless, it is permitted to use their wool, if it is shorn from living animals. This wool is of exceptional quality, and the color may vary from reddish brown to light cinnamon, from beige to white. Peculiar white hair is especially silky, maybe 30 centimeters long and incredibly fine and appealing.

Thanks to exceptional quality of their wool, vicunas can reach very high prices on the market. Females are usually more expensive, and males and young animals have similar prices. Of course, male champions are priced accordingly, and their prices are significantly higher, thanks to their breeding value. In any case, make sure to buy real vicunas if you are interesting in breeding them.

There is a high demand for all products made from this amazing material. Fibers are extremely fine, and fabrics made using these fibers are very soft, light and warm, and feel great on your skin. Except being of the highest possible quality, these materials are naturally colored, and colors vary from red-brown to almost white, in numerous appealing shades.

Vicuna fibers that can be used for various purposes such as knitting and spinning, are quite expensive. Fine quality fibers may reach the price of thirty dollars per ounce, or even higher. Breeding these animals for their wool can become a really good business, but you can also have a few animals to provide wool for your own needs. In any case, there is a high demand for this material.

People often keep them as pets as well. They are small and gentle, very clever and really beautiful. You will probably find several farmers in your area ready to take care of them, if you are interested. Just like with horses, you can place your animals there to be taken care of, if you cannot provide adequate conditions to keep them in your place.

Animals with especially light coats are quite popular, particularly white ones. There are numerous sites where you can see these beautiful animals and find out more about them. Some of these sites also offer vicunas for sale. Considering the fact that cross-breeds called paco-vicuna are offered as vicunas, you have to be careful when buying them. Make sure to pick reliable seller.

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