Some Good Newspaper Telemarketing Techniques

By Jayne Rutledge

Ever since the internet came into the picture and got more and more popular, the newspaper companies have actually suffered a downfall in subscriptions. Of course the big ones are still up because they have already made their name but the smaller companies are having a hard time. So in order to beat the competition, it is actually possible to apply some newspaper telemarketing techniques to stay on top.

Everyone thinks that the art of sales is not as effective as before because everything has already become digital and some techniques would now be rendered obsolete. What people do not know is that nothing can still beat human interaction and convincing powers. Of course one of the most effective ways to successfully close a deal with a random person would be to do a cold call.

Of course if one would want to make a cold call, then he first has to know how to interest the potential subscriber. It is always best to ask a question as to whether the prospect may be interested in having a subscription or if he already has one. After asking a few questions, then the sales pitch may follow.

One of the main things that one would do in order to attract buyers would be to tell them about coupons that could save them money on certain products or services. Usually, newspapers would be giving discount coupons to those who would subscribe. This is definitely one of the weapons that the telemarketer could use in order to get more subscriptions because it would be hard for anyone to resist something free that would save them a bundle of money when they shop.

Now even though the wave of technology has swept most people, one thing that gadgets cannot do is allow access to news outside the house because not everyone can afford 3G internet. It is for this reason that there are still many who would prefer reading the morning paper because they can take it to work or anywhere they go. This is not something everyone can do with their gadgets.

Now another thing that will really bring the attention of the prospect would be the fact that the papers are more updated when it comes to events. So if one is a fan of events like company events or concerts, then the papers will be more accurate than the net. So this is another arsenal that one may actually add to his sales pitch.

Of course there is also the referral technique where telemarketers would be asking old subscribers for more referrals. First, they would ask the existing subscribers if they are satisfied with the news and the service that is provided to them. If they say that they are satisfied, then it will actually be easier to either get a referral from them or they themselves could advertise to their friends about how good the company is.

Because of the emergence of the internet, many newspaper companies have been going bankrupt. In order for one to save his company, it is essential that he knows some newspaper telemarketing techniques. If he knows how to use them well, he will be able to succeed.

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